One can put a Thousand to Flight, Two can put Ten-Thousand to Flight!

We are a few months into the new year of 2012! Prior to entering in, I’ve heard many say, “2012 is my year, it’s ON in 2012, etc., etc. Some are making things happen, others are talking but trying to make the move, some have laid down by the wayside. For me, a few major things I knew I needed to add to my equation of movement was a more feeding of my Spirit-Man and becoming accountable to someone. Not just anyone, but someone who would check me, would not be a “yes” person, who saw the potential and would not allow me to sail below it; WE ALL NEED IT!

In one of our Real Talk the Movement sessions, the word “accountability” came UP and it made me think…it made me think so much that I realized it a MUST HAVE! We have to begin prioritizing the necessities in life and become honest with who we are and what we really want to attain. For me, because of where I am now, I can’t afford to waiver much. I have to continue to be challenged and be as accurate as I can in my way; even in our weary moments, we can fall down but it takes another to tell us, “dear, get yourself up and you are more than a conquerer.”

It is our responsibility to find someone to make us accountable. That one person will not only challenge us, but uplift us, pray for us and uphold us. Ask, Seek, Discern and you will Find! It’s okay to have another pair of eyes to help you see!

I am grateful to those who even though I may have bucked against, still kept me accountable, yet kept me lifted and upheld me. You’ll know the difference from those who mean business and are doing business. You need someone on YOUR TEAM.

I TOLD Y’ALL, I AIN’T PLAYIN NO MORE! I am a believer that if I can put a thousand to flight, I and another can put ten thousand to flight! You better read Cora!!


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